Can you use column headers in a formula?

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to reference a column header within a formula. I will give you the example I am trying to work on:

I have a sheet with multi rows and each column header is a Text/Number referring to a date. The column dates go up in order and the column headers are used to mark the current and forecasted dates. The reason the column has to be a text/number is due to the content in the below rows not being a date.

I would like to create a VLOOKUP or IF statement that will automatically change range in order with the current date. IF(TODAYS DATE = COLUMN HEADER) THEN (COUNTIF...)

I am unsure how to reference the column header in the above statement. I am curious, is this even possible if the column header is a text/number format and not a date format like the cell that TODAYS DATE is read from?


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