CountIfs cell contains a value from a string


I have a drop-down text column from a sheet that may contain the string "Day 0" "Day 1" "Day 2" "Day 3" "Day 4" "Day 5" or allow the user to enter a different day value. I am trying to count if the cell contains any of the 6 values from the drop-down. I do not want to count them if the user entered a different value (i.e. "Day 10").

Any suggestions?



  • MCorbin
    MCorbin Overachievers Alumni

    You can limit the column to dropdown values only, then add an "Other" if your allowed values don't apply.

  • Geoff Hill

    Thanks, but that sheet owner uses the other values. I am only interested in counting the cell if it contains 1 of the 6 drop-down values. I do not want to count it if they entered a different value.

  • Geoff Hill

    This is the formula I am currently using and it works but was wondering if there was a more efficient way.

    COUNTIFS({PS Digital Interactive?}, "Yes", {PS FRD Status}, "Not Submitted", {PS Go Live Day}, OR(@cell = "Day 0", @cell = "Day 1", @cell = "Day 2", @cell = "Day 3", @cell = "Day 4", @cell = "Day 5"))

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