Created column: Is the data behind this column *not* local time?

I have a form (sheet) in which I allow the user to enter a date, or leave the cell blank to use today's date.

On the sheet, a second column (Period) looks at the user entered date column (Entered date) and uses it, or if blank uses the system Created date.

I found instances where the date brought from the system Created column is TOMORROW. I have only two instances currently to look at, but they were both evening my time and I'm speculating the data in that system cell is actually UTC time, not local. It is displayed in my local time--but is it actually UTC or a different time?

More evidence: I've found two consecutive entries from an earlier date in which my colleague made one entry at 6:59 p.m. CT which is 23:59 UTC and then she made another entry at 7:00 p.m. CT which which is midnight UTC. Sure enough - copy and paste the system dates into regular date columns and they show as the correct UTC date, no local.

How can I compensate? Does the new "Record a Date" automation do the same thing?

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  • Kelly Moore
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    Hey @Terry Lewis

    Although the date stamp appears in local time, it is stored as GMT 0. The Record Date Automation is based on local time - I frequently use it, as you say 'to compensate' for the timezone date difference. When I do this, I select a change in Created value as my trigger (which, of course, only occurs when the row is created) There is more discussion on the topic here