Automatically add child rows based on parent column/field values


I'd like to know if it's possible for child rows to be added automatically if a column has certain fields. Example: A request for a project comes in as a parent row. It needs to be approved by multiple people. The reviewers can change based on the project. I have a column called "Reviewers needed" and populate that at the parent level with Jack, Jill, Janus but not John. I want to automatically create child rows for Jack, Jill and Janus but not John to record which of several statuses they each can independently choose. e.g. Jack can say Approved, Jill can say Not approved and John can say More information needed (before a decision can be made).

this is somewhat similar to the scenario where project managers are manually adding tasks under the parent row. i don't want to have manually add the child rows.

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