Using Smartsheet for data-collection - automatically add new sheets for respondents?


I'm thinking about possible applications for Smartsheet in my organization, and one possibility is for data-collection across multiple elements within the enterprise. For simple cases with well-defined categories of things to be counted or commented on, I suppose there's a way to just have respondents fill in a single very long row or fill in a form that would transfer all the responses to a single row. But that depends on the columns being fixed.

If we're just scoping out something, we want people to be able to add new things to count (which would be. columns if they only had one row to respond) as they wish. That would work better if each entity that responded had its own entire table, with the columns NOT being every item to measure, but being a few standard questions that apply to whatever we count, and then the rows would be the things that entity wants to enumerate.

So ideally we'd have an app that could create a new sheet for each respondent -- some might have just a few rows, others might have many. In searching the topic I found archived discussions from years ago asking for that capability, but I can't tell if it's ever been added. It seems like maybe it hasn't.

Does anyone know if SS can now create a new sheet on the fly for each respondent who tries to fill out data?