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Deleting update requests

Simon Hanlon
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I have a sheet for meeting action points and use update requests to keep on top of oustanding actions and mark and action complete when it is done. I have been trying to delete update requests on completed action s but have found you can on some and can't on others (the delete drop down is greyed out). There appears to be no consistency on what can, or cannot, be deleted. Can anyone help. Many thanks.


  • Benjamin Walker
    Benjamin Walker Employee
    edited 03/30/17



    Scheduled Requests

    Update Requests scheduled to be sent on a recurring basis appear under the Scheduled heading. Right-click on a Scheduled Update Request to view its Details (recipients, subject, message, and scheduled delivery settings), Edit the recipients, content, and delivery schedule, or Delete it to prevent it from being sent in the future.


    Pending/Completed Requests

    Update Requests that haven't been submitted by the recipient have a Status of Pending. Right-click on a Pending Update Request to view its Details (recipients, subject, message, and scheduled delivery settings) or Delete it to prevent the recipients from submitting their changes.

    Update Requests that have been submitted by the recipient have a Status of Complete. Right-click on a Complete Update Request to view its Details (recipients, subject, message, and scheduled delivery settings). Completed Update Requests can't be deleted to ensure you have an accurate log of changes made to the sheet via Update Request.





    If you are seeing a different interaction that is not described in the documention, let me know and I can try to troubleshoot





  • Benoit

    I wish an administrator of a sheet could manually mark update requests as Completed. Sometimes, recipients of an Update Request may reply by email instead of completing the online form (most frequently when the request is received on a mobile device). This forces the creator of the update requests to go into each email, open the form and submit with the corrections. I find it would be more productive to make updates directly into Smartsheet and mark the lines as Completed.

  • Michael Wilkesen
    Michael Wilkesen ✭✭✭✭

    It would be extremely helpful if we cannot delete "old" completed requests to have options for archiving, hiding, filtering out, etc. Only being able to sort this list frustrating and rudimentary.

    When you have a sheet that has dozens of completed tasks, it is often times difficult (and a waste of time) to have to continuously look thru the list to find requests that have not been completed.

    At the very LEAST a page owner or Admin should have options! 

  • rgilbert


    Just wanted to join in this discussion, it would be great for the owner of the sheet to have more privileges around deleting completed requests. As the owner of a sheet I've had to send out some "experimental" update requests to test out some new systems we're piloting, now I can't get rid of them. I agree that it is important to have a log of changes made due to update requests, but I think the owner should be able to determine what can be deleted on a case by case basis.

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