Guidance requested- Count if two drop downs options are both selected in one cell

Hi I'm trying to get a count of the number of times 2 specific dropdowns are selected in a given cell in a specific column, where the project line item does not have a specific dropdown selected in separate timing column. e.g. count the number of instances where the [Sequencing Dependencies] column has both "Dropdown option 1" and "Dropdown option 2" selected, and Timing Column does not equal "future". I've tried various combinations using CONTAINS, HAS, AND, but am hitting a wall. Here is one of the variations I've tried as an example..

=COUNTIFS([Sequencing Dependencies]:[Sequencing Dependencies], CONTAINS(AND("Dropdown option 1", @cell), ("Dropdown option 2", @cell), Timing:Timing, <>"Future"))

Thank you!


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