Saving in Safari using the keyboard command no longer works in the new GUI?

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When I use the "Command" - S combination in Apple Safari, I get a dialog box instead. The key combo works in other browsers on my Mac.

Latest version of Safari

Latest version of BigSur.

Any ideas?


  • Hi @Jeff Glick

    I've tested this on a Mac in the most recent version of Safari and Command-S saves the sheet as expected for me. Is it possible that your personal computer preferences have a custom keyboard shortcut set up specifically for using Command-S in Safari?

    (See: Create keyboard shortcuts for apps on Mac)

    Let me know if this has helped or not!



  • Genevieve,

    Thank you for replying! It didn't work, but got me to a solution. In my version of Safari there is only a "Save as..." command that uses the Command S key combination. I went into the keyboard settings and changed it to Command Shift S and it allowed me to utilize the Command S combination for just a basic save. Weird, but it worked. Thanks for your help!

  • No problem! I'm glad you were able to figure something out. 🙂

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