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Rookie Help with Due Date and Overdue

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I have a start date column, due date column, completed date and would like to have overdue flag column.

How to set formula that if due date passes, no completed date and have flag come up in overdue column?




  • Hugh McKinney

    This can be done in conditional formatting Schultis.

    Select conditional formatting in the format area of the tool bar.

    Click "Add New Rule"

    Click on the link <set condition> and select your column name "Due Date"

    In define custom criteria select "is in the past" then click OK

    On the left of the rule you are creating there is a down arrow in a greyed out box, click this and select Add Condition (AND) - a new condition will be added.

    Select the new condition and select the column name "Completed Date" 

    From the criteria drop menu select "is Blank" the click OK

    Click on the "this format" link

    You can create an action here that will add an alert in the overdue cells of each row

    I use the paint icon to change a cell red, copy white and text bold

    Finally select the "entire row" link and select the column name "Overdue"

    and your done.


    Now if you have a start date that is in the past with a blank completed date the overdue cell in that row will show as red and any copy with be bold white-out


    Hope this helps


  • Schultis

    OMG I feel like I tackled the world with just that one thing.  I may ask you a few more questions, if that is ok with you.

  • Schultis

    In order to use the cardview I need a column that has drop down list.

    Now I have 2 columns basically doing the same thing.

    1 Column   Status using RGYB balls for Red Not Started  Green In Progress  Yellow for Waiting  Blue for Complete

    2 Column  Stage drop down list  Not Started  In Progress  Waiting  Complete


    Seems rather redundant to select Red Ball in one column and Not Started in the Other


    Does it have to be that way for card view?


  • Schultis

    I would like to have completed date fill in automatically with today's date when I select

    Stage Column Blue Ball (complete).  Is that possible?  Thanks.



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