Can I use the data linked from another sheet, to populate my Sheet Summary?


I have this sheet I'm using to track projects status and health. Almost all data are coming from my team's project plans, and I use therefore the "Link from cell in another sheet" option (this way everything is automatic and I don't need to have manual updates).

In the Summary sheet, I have setup a field in which I can see the projects that will be delivered within a month. Yet, I cannot use the cells using the delivery date info from other sheets, because it's a link and not an actual date.

My workaround is to copy/special paste (values) in another column and to use that column in the Service sheet, but the process is therefore manual and not automatic based on any change done by the projects managers in their plans.

Do you know if it's possible to use a link (the dates data coming from another sheet), in the Summary sheet?

Thanks in advance for your support here!

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