Pre-Populate a large contacts drop down

Under Contacts List type - where the 'Values (Optional)" is, I have about 574 e-mail addresses to pop in there. I want to restrict the list to a contacts drop down as it will run some automation and also drive the access permissions in Dynamic view.

Seems I can only pick a record at a time though, I can't figure the string that will allow me to bulk add the 574 users into the list (ideally as properly formatted contacts, first/last and email).

Any easy way?



  • Hey @colemant ,

    We don't currently have the ability to update the Contact List Column values with multiple email addresses at once in the core application. You may submit an Enhancement Request via this form for our Product Team to consider this for development. We appreciate your input!

    However, it is possible to perform this action if your plan includes access to our Premium App: Data Uploader. You will have the ability to update Column dropdown choices/values with the content of an input file column. If you are not sure that your plan includes this, try accessing the application here: or reach out to your System Admin in acquiring it.

    At any time, you can see a list of past updates in our Release Notes( on the Smartsheet website.

    I hope this helps!


  • OK thanks Jaykel. I'll not bother with the feature request, suspect useful features will only be added to additional premium services going forward. Already have Dynamic View as a premium add-on I can't justify it. thanks

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