How to synch two sheets

Hi...hope I can make myself clear on explaining my needs:

I have one main sheet created, this one's data is feeded with a form, so rows are automatically created each time the form is submitted. I need to filter from this mainsheet, certain rows and make them available in a second sheet that should be feeded by the rows that are automatically created on the first sheet. I need:

1- rows on the second file to be automatically created and updated based on the first file, as soon as a new row is created on the first - then on the second should get populated as well

2 - filtered criteria NOT able to be changed, meaning that I need that filtered view to be static always.

3 - columns' names are different from one sheet to another but the data is the same, for example in sheet one column name is A) Owner name - within second sheet, column name is Tracking actions lead, but the data in both field would be - John Banks, for example.