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Rookie Stage - Status RYGB

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I dont even know where to start:


Column Stage         Column Status Dropdown List

RED Ball                   Not Started

Green Ball                In Progress

Yellow Ball               Waiting

Blue Ball                   Completed


How and Where do I put in a formula to select from Status dropdown list Not Started and have

the Red Ball show up automatically in Column Stage?


I know this must be simple.  But have no I idea where to start.  Please help asap.



  • That's a formula for example (depending on your colums) 


  • note that 3 refers to the row number because I was hovering over the status cell on that row to view the formula :)

  • very new to formulas do i put at top of column so that all rows follow this


  • Kat, would you be interested in setting the formulas in my sheets and I would pay you for your time?

  • You put your formula in the cell you want to display the answer.  So if you want the formula for the entire Status column write your formula in the first cell on the first row of your column.  Then in the lower right hand corner of that cell when you click once on it and hover you'll get a big plus sign.  Click on it and drag it down to the last cell in your column.  Let go and now the formula is in all those cells in the column.  If your sheet has hierarchy in it you may or may not want the formula in the cell on the parent row.

    You can also copy a cell the formula is in and paste it to another cell.


    Thanks for the offer Schultis.  I'm not the best formula writer.  I'm lucky, in that, I manage and work with programmers; they're really good with logical statements Smile

  • Go to Smartsheet Template and under Featured Templates there is a sheet called Smartsheet Formula Examples.  Use that template; lots of help and examples there and it shows you how they actually work not just abstract equations Smile

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