Weekly Alert function and data Group issue

Hello Everyone

I am working on a data of approx 100 rows and this data is divided amongst 10 user, Manager of these 10 user is same. I have created a weekly alert to send the report to these 10 users of their accounts to get the status and their manager every Monday but it seems the alert is not generating the expected report as it simply grouping the 100 records and sending it to these 10 users and their manager.

Can anyone suggest the workaround for this, I have attached the mail which is received when alert runs every week.

I tried the Placeholder option in the subject line but it seems after certain limit it doesn't work

And in the end it shows the message truncated due to length.

Here in the attached Smartsheet the col PSS email is the user who will receive the alert and DC Leader Email.

As mentioned in my previous query 100 accounts belong to 10 PSS and DC Leader is same for all the PSS

I have checked the option to send recurring report notification but the problem is all the user will be able to see each other’s data, Is there a way data can be sent as below-

User1 Cc his manager

User2 Cc his manager

User3 Cc his manager

and so on

This will resolve 2 purpose 1 separate notification will be sent to each user and their manager will receive one notification at a time.

Please note manager is same for all 10 user.

Attached the Smartsheet screenshot for your reference

Looking ahead for your support and Co-operation

Thanks & regards,

Anil Raghav


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hello @anilkrag77641

    What does the action block of your workflow look like, at the very bottom?

    You should be able to configure this workflow to send to a specific contact column, the "PSS email" column. This will then send an individual email to each user, only showing their own rows grouped into one email.

    Then if you also want to alert the Leader, you can add a second action below this Contact Column action. You could either configure this second Alert to be sent to a specific person as I've shown below (if it's always the same Leader), or you can configure this to send to the Leader Contact Column.

    This would split out the rows for the first email being sent, so each User will only see their own rows, however it will send one email to the Leader with all 100 rows. Is that what you were looking to do?

    Another option would be to create 10 separate workflows, each with a Condition that looks for the user in their PSS column and only send them their own rows while CCing the Leader at the same time. If you go down this route, the Leader would receive 10 separate emails from 10 separate workflows:

    Let me know if either of these would work for you!



  • Hi Gene,

    Thanks for the solution I would like to confirm you that these 10 PSS have same DC Leader, Is it possible when alert triggers 'A' pss will receive details of his accounts only Ccing 'Y' as DC Leader when 'B' receives his details Ccing 'Y' as DC leader.

    We can create 10 workflow what if when number of PSS increased? Appreciate your support. My requirement is as below the should be in such a way that

    PSS A receiving 10 records Ccing 10 records to DC Leader

    PSS B receiving 20 records Ccing 20 records to DC Leader

    and So...on

    Best regards

    Anil Raghav

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @anilkrag77641

    If you need the Leader to also receive separate emails, then yes, you would need to create 1 workflow per-person (a total of 10 workflows), as pictured in my second suggestion above.

    You would have the user listed as the Condition, and then specify who receives the email in the Alert.

    This means that if you have a new PSS, you would need to create a new workflow for that one specific person. You can easily create duplicates of a workflow by cloning it (see here), then changing what the Condition is looking for and who the alert is being sent to.