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Sandra Unger
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What are my options while creating a dashboard to linking to other smartsheet items? I see I can use "widget behavior" with charts and images to have it link to a another smartsheet item - are those the only widgets that you can do this with?? I would like to link either a rich text widget or Title widget. I got the idea from watching a video on "Best in Class Project Management with Smartsheet" where they showed this dashboard and I am trying to figure out how to create the links across the top row. Any ideas?


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  • cantpickname
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    You can enter text, highlight what you want as a hyperlink and then click on the link button at the far right of the menu that pops up. It will act like most rich text or even a Word doc if you just want to hyperlink a specific work or phrase.

    Unfortunately no keyboard shortcut, so don't try ctrl+k expecting the dialog box to popup!