Need help with an IF statement / Add 50% to formula result



I've wrecked my brain trying to figure out the formula just to add 50% to the returned value. I got close but it seems to be off by a few dollars. I also will need to use this in an IF formula.

If Express Check = N then =SUM[Column2]@row - 5000) * 0.64 + 11002.5 total is 11017.86

  • My formula =SUM([Column2]@row - 5000) * [Column2]3 + [Column2]4

If Express Check = Y then 50% needs to be added to 11017.86

I was first trying to figure out how to add the 50% to returned value and this is as far as I got:

  • My formula =SUM(SUM([Column2]@row - 5000) * [Column2]3 + [Column2]4) + ([Column2]@row - 5000) * [Column2]3 + [Column2]4 * 0.5

I hope this makes sense.


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