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Problem with "Current User" Report Data

Brent Nathan
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I use a shared report for my team that populates based on "Current User."  This report works fine for everyone except one person, to which it will not populate their data.


Most of my sheets have a column called "Reporting Flags" to which i apply a verbal descriptor to pull certain rows into my report.  So my report criteria is as follows:

-All sheets/workspaces included

-user is Current User

-Reporting Flags does not contain "NoResource"


The user that has problems with the report also is working in sheets where "Reporting Flags" column does not exist - could this be the reason this report fails for them? As soon as i remove the reporting flags rule, the report works fine... which leads me to believe this column is somehow breaking the report when it is absent from a sheet.  Not only that, it prevents data in sheets that do have this column from showing up in the report as well.


Thoughts? Thanks community Cool



  • Benjamin Walker
    Benjamin Walker Employee
    edited 04/04/17



    If the user is not shared to sheets with the "Reporting Flags Columns" or does not use those types of columns they will not meet the report criteria you have set up of 

    -Reporting Flags does not contain "NoResource"

    Therefore, no rows will show up


    You could create a report specifically for this user, as it seems they need different criteria.




  • Brent Nathan

    The user is shared to both the "Reporting Flag" column sheets, as well as some without this column.  My question is, why does the report populate no data at all, even though they have rows in sheets where this column DOES exist?


    It seems like as soon as there is at least one sheet where this column is missing, the report stops returning any data at all.

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