Problem with Printing Gantt Charts

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Hi all,

I'm having an issue with printing Gantt Charts onto PDF format using Smartsheet.

On the print screen I have restricted the date range to the project Start Date and End Dates, and I have also adjusted the scale to fit the sheet to one page. Unfortunately, Smartsheet is printing a much wider date range than the options I selected as you can see in the attached screenshot (red lines indicate my approximate date selection).

Is there something I'm missing?

Kind regards,


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  • Hey @Gerhard da Costa Pinto,

    In reviewing the image, I do see that your Timeline Display's Primary Heading is using Years. I can confirm this is expected behavior; the resulting PDF will show a complete year due to your primary timeline choice (even if your custom date range within the Printing Settings is less than a year). You can change the primary timeline display from Years to Quarters or Weeks, for example, to narrow the printed timeline.

    I do recommend submitting an Enhancement Request via this form for our Product Team to consider improving this functionality. Your input is always appreciated.

    We typically communicate about new or improved features once they've been released. Depending on the nature of the changes, we announce through email, in-product messaging, or via announcements here within the Smartsheet Community.

    At any time, you can see a list of past updates in our Release Notes( on the Smartsheet website.

    I hope this helps!


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