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Nancy Heater
Nancy Heater ✭✭✭✭
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Hello Smartsheet Community!!

I am experiencing a strange occurrence with Alerts from a sheet and wanted to see if anyone could explain and/or has seen/experienced something similar.

AR TEAM ALERT - I have Alerts set up to sent to our AR team from a sheet to let them know when to bill. I have a subject, message in the body and link to specific fields. This emails out with no issues.

SUPPORT TEAM ALERT - We set up another Alert to send to our support team to let them know when an install is happening the next day. We have it set up in the same manner as above, a subject, message in the body and link to specific fields, but when these send out, it goes out as a "reminder", with the message text being repeated over and over, and the table of specific fields is at the bottom of the email.

I have reviewed everything I can think of between the two Alerts, and the only think I can see that is different is the Support Team Alert has {{Install Schedule Date}} in the Subject line and body the email.

If anyone has any ideas, it would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • Nancy Heater
    Nancy Heater ✭✭✭✭

    So, in doing some more testing, it appears that when we're doing the call for {{Install Schedule Date}} is what is causing this to be sent as a "Reminder" vs an "Alert". Still working to see if we can find a work around.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Nancy Heater

    It sounds like this actually has to do with the number of rows associated with the Support alert.

    When you use placeholders, {{Like so}}, placeholders will generate separate notifications if six or fewer rows are triggered simultaneously. If seven or more rows are triggered at once, the custom subject and body will be removed and it all gets sent in one email. See this Help Center article that goes through this behaviour: Dynamically Add Cell Data in the Subject and Body of Request Messages

    If this isn't the issue, it would be helpful to see a full screen capture of your sheet and a screen capture of the entire workflow set-up so I can test this (but please block out any sensitive data from the images).