Workflow will not trigger if cell has formula


Hi all,

I have a sheet with e.g. a cell with a function that calculates someting.

The workflow should copy the line if the computed value = 1, but the workflow will not trigger.

If I delete the formula and enter manually "1" then the workflow triggers.

Is there any other way to have the workflow trigger in this case?


  • MCorbin
    MCorbin Overachievers Alumni

    It should work. It might help to see a copy of how you have your workflow set up to help troubleshoot it.

  • Paul Willman

    I have seen that Smartsheet only triggers actions based on cell contents that are formula-driven when the sheet is actually opened. I have been working on a solution using the TODAY() function to cause certain workflows to trigger when a configurable amount of time has passed (not practical to set the parameters in the workflow, since you would have to change the parameters all the time). The formula works correctly, but the workflow will only fire when the sheet is opened. If the sheet is not opened, the TODAY() function silently ticks away behind the scenes, incrementing to (and past) the value needed to trigger the workflow. When the sheet is finally opened, the function displays the correct value, and the workflow triggers.

    It would be great if Smartsheet cells fed by functions (such as TODAY()) were somehow kept current, even when the sheet is not opened and viewed.

  • Joachim Mund
    Joachim Mund ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Thank you Paul, this might be the reason, because I let google forms fill the smartsheet table which should do the copy line workflow, but it will not.

    Manually adding/changing lines will works and I think because the table is open in that case.

    It would be great, if smartssheet will add this because changes via smartsheet sync or datauploader would than trigger the workflow.

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