DocuSign -Can the DocuSign Integration Attach the Completed File without the Certificate of Summary?

Answered - Pending Review


I've been using the DocuSign integration with Smartsheet. It is working well, except I'm having the following issue with a well intentioned feature:

  • When a signed Document is completed in DocuSign, it is attached to the correct row in Smartsheet (this is a great feature!). However, DocuSign attaches the completed document AND the certificate of completion as 1 file.
  • I can't find a way to have the integration only attach the completed document only or the document and summary as 2 files back into Smartsheet. Is this possible?

The reason why this is important, is that we send the completed file out to external companies. It's an extra step to have to take out the Certificate of Completion from the completed document.


  • Hi @Darren M

    I believe this actually has to do with how you have your DocuSign account set up, versus Document Builder in Smartsheet.

    Can you review your DocuSign account, under Admin -> Signing Settings -> Envelope Delivery, to see if you have this box checked?

    When I check the option above, the certificates end up appended to the final documents. (See DocuSign's information on this in their documentation, here).

    Let me know if un-checking this box worked for you!



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