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Make "Done" box clickable in Card View

Bob R
Bob R ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

The Kanban/Card view is one of the best features in Smartsheet. However, when I look at a task list in Card view and I complete a task, I want to simply click "Done". Instead, I have to open the card in Edit view, then click the box, even though the box is visible on the Card on the board. It would be great to have the box activated on the board, rather than only in Edit view. 



  • Deborah Wilde
    Deborah Wilde ✭✭✭
    edited 04/05/17

    I agree with this 100%

    We have a similar feature for a "Completed" checkbox & It would be a very awesome feature to be able to edit the cards themselves instead of opening up every individual card to change the information.

  • Can you tell me more?


    My familiarity with the Card view is there is a status field for options such as "not started," "in progress," and "completed" so to mark it done you just drag it to completed. Clearly you are using it in a different way. Can you elucidate?


  • Bob R
    Bob R ✭✭
    edited 04/05/17

    I have my swimlanes setup based on status, but using the "Task List" type of sheet, I have the option to click the "Done" checkbox. In the paradigm I'm using below, I'm organizing swimlanes by timeframe for when I want to get things done, and I use the "Done" box for Status (which is either "To-Do" or "Done" as opposed to Planning, In Progress, Complete). 


    When I click "Done" the filter removes the card from view. It would be best if I could click the "Done" box from the view below, without having to expand the card. 


    done card.png

  • I get it now, thank you!


  • Jason
    Jason Employee

    Good news. We're looking into possibly adding this in a future release. I can't speak as to when or make promises, but I can say we hear you. 

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