How to automatically populate a cell with same info from another cell on the same row


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I have a sheet with specific rooms locations in separate columns.

What I am trying to do is automatically populate the Room column with anything that’s populated in any of the Building Room columns to the right on that same row.

I thought a VLOOKUP was the best to achieve this. I am not well versed in formulas at all, and researching online has been somewhat helpful, but I’m still having an issue.

The formula I am trying in the Room column is:

=VLOOKUP([Building 1st Floor Rooms]@row:[Building 3rd Floor Rooms]@row, "$", Rooms1, 2)

**The Room column is actually the 2nd column**

Where if anything is populated in the columns Building 1st Floor Rooms thru Building 3rd Floor Rooms on the same row, automatically take that text and populate it in the Room column on that same row.

I’m getting a #CIRCULAR RFERENCE error indicating that the formula is referencing itself. If I change any of the parameters, I get a #UNPARSEABLE error and hit a stopping point.

A screenshots are attached for reference. If there is a better way to achieve this, I am interested in learning. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!


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