Countif help where range column contains column formula and text

I'm trying to create a summary metric of my active projects using countif. My project status column contains the following column formula, which works fine.

=IF([Current Stage]@row = "Stage 5", "Active", IF([Current Stage]@row = "Stage 4", "Active", IF([Current Stage]@row = "Stage 3", "Active", IF([Current Stage]@row = "Stage 2", "Active", IF(AND([Current Stage]@row = "NSG", [Gate 5 - 1st Available Ship Date]@row <> ""), "Launched", IF([Current Stage]@row = "NSG", "Active", IF([Current Stage]@row = "n/a", "Inactive", IF([Current Stage]@row = "PLR", "Launched"))))))))

The sheet summary formula I have is below and I get #no match. There are plenty of projects where project status = active.

=COUNTIF([Project Status]:[Project Status], "Active")

What am I doing wrong?



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