Nested If with Vlookup

If statement with Vlookup as the true value.

I have a sheet that is doing a vlookup from one column but if one criteria is met, then I need it to vlookup a second list.

I'm using this for the main vlookup: =VLOOKUP([L2]@row, {POC}, 2, false)

and if Last, First is the name in L2, then I need it to look at L3 and retrun that value. Is this possible?

=VLOOKUP([L3]@row, {POC}, 2, false)

This is what I'm working with but doesn't work.

=IF(L2, = "Last, First", then (VLOOKUP([L3]@row, {POC}, 2, false)) VLOOKUP([L2]@row, {POC}, 2, false))

Thank you!!

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