Possible to automate new rows in a sheet to be child rows if a cell value matches an existing row's?


To elaborate, we have a setup currently with our source sheet that creates a new row into the target sheet with Zapier, triggered when a PO# gets manually added to its PO# column. However, in some cases, the PO# that is added to a row on the source sheet is already on an existing row on the target sheet, and we want to be able to automatically make those new incoming rows that have a matching PO# become child rows of those existing rows with a corresponding PO#. The closest we have been able to get is manually sorting the sheet by PO#, then arranging the rows so that the existing matching PO# row is above the new one, then creating the child-parent relationship from there, but we want to see if its possible to automate this process or if another solution exists that can support this process. Let me know if any additional details are needed or of any suggestions.

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