Sharing and Sheet Owner


I use Smartsheet Control Center to create project packages consisting of multiple sheets for our Project Managers. The Project Manager then share the sheets with their teams as necessary. I am the sheet Owner, since I am the Owner of the Control Center instance.

The issue is, any correspondence that goes out from the sheet looks as if it came from me. Update requests, sharing notifications, automations, etc - it all looks like I sent it.

Also, if somebody gets a link to the sheet and then tries to access it, the request to share comes to me, not the Project Manager.

Is there any way to set who should be used as the "corresponder". The PMs should not have Owner or Admin rights and creating a dummy email box is not a solution either - I could create a mailbox email, but actually getting that email a license and setting it up as the owner of control center - that is a big issue in my company.