Join/Collect Date Function with certain search Criteria



I am using a Join/Collect function to bring a date from the source sheet to a metric sheet to drive notifications on. I'm searching for certain assets when a new entry is added. When a new entry is added, it collects the dates but puts them in the same cell and wont allow other formulas to run.

My question is: How to have it only display the most recent date from the most recent entry?

Here is my formula:

=JOIN(COLLECT({Level Green Approved Field Reports Range 1}, {Level Green Approved Field Reports Range 2}, [Primary Column]@row))

Here is a pic of the Metric Sheet:

Here is the Source Sheet:

So, I can get the date as its entered and it copies. I only want the most recent entry to display in the "End Date" column on the first sheet.

Thank you in advance!


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