Matching Daily Attendance to a Master List of Badge Numbers



I am attempting to convert a Conditional Formatting formula from Excel into a smartsheet by using a Helper column.

If a badge is scanned, I want the number to populate in a "Daily Scans" column, then I want to match that against a Master List of Badge numbers "Badge Numbers"

My Helper column formula is: =IF([Daily Scans]@row = [Badge Number]:[Badge Number], "Green") but I receive an #INVALID OPERATION in my Helper column.

My original Excel conditional formatting formula is =COUNTIF($C$C, $B1)>0 where C is the "Daily Scans" and B is the Badge Number.

Any input would be appreciated.



  • James Keuning
    James Keuning ✭✭✭✭✭

    I am not 100% sure what you are trying to accomplish, but I think you can use COUNTIFS.

    =IF(COUNTIFS([Badge Number]:[Badge Number], [Daily Scans]@row) >= 1, "green")

  • Seth Hennes

    Thanks for the response. The goal is to highlight those Employees who are in attendance for the day.

    The Columns are:

    Name Badge Number Daily Scan

    Jon 12345 00001

    Sally 54321

    Tom 00001

    The Daily Scan column would be populated by a USB barcode scanner and would fill up as employees arrive. When a scanned badge matches any Badge Number in the Column then the name would highlight indicating that “Tom” was in attendance (in the above example).

    I am able to do this in Excel, I’m just not familiar enough with Smartsheets to translate the conditional formatting



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