Feature Suggestions for Reports


I use reports a lot in Smartsheet and we are constantly wishing for some features.

1) Ability to alter cell formatting in a report. Format edits would feed into the underlying sheet. This would allow users to color code or highlight cells for any number of use cases.

2) Ability to add a new row in a report and it would create a new row in the underlying sheet.

3) Please enable column descriptions in reports. Currently Column descriptions are greyed out in reports and also do not show the column description from the underlying sheet.

4) Please allow parent and children relationships to show up in reports with tree format. Currently if you have a parent with children in a report, they show up and look as if they are entirely independent rows. Please include the indent and tree formatting to match the sheet.

5) Ability to create a sheet section of rows at the top or bottom of a report. This section would allow full use of formulas and formatting. Example use cases include instructions, descriptions, attachments, and roll-ups of summary data (sumifs, countifs, averages, etc...).


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