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Good morning.

I would like to take the name of a contact in a contact list column / or take the email.

For example, we have in a sheet a list of workers, name, email, department.

On the other hand we have another sheet with a formular where we collect their emails (or name).

I need to take with vlookup the department (or other data) from a worker having his name (or email) from the contact column.

I tried to use a lot of formulas but I'm not able to make it. When we have in a fied the name and the email, Smartsheet don't return us the value. Even I tried to get the email or name in another cell from a contact cell, and nothing.

Thanks in advance



  • Michael Pappas
    Michael Pappas ✭✭✭✭

    If I understand correctly, you are trying to use department to get a name as text from a contact cell. If that is correct, you should be able to use VLOOKUP to return the name as text as long as the column with the VLOOKUP formula is a TEXT/NUMBER column. For example,

    =VLOOKUP(Department@row, {Sheet 1 Range}, 2, false) where the column with this formula is a TEXT/NUMBER column and Column 2 in Sheet 1 Range is a Contact Column.

  • Chemi Pérez

    Thanks for the answer Micahel.

    I try to explain it with the attached image.

    • In the sheet below I make two vlookups, one of them with the email from the contact and the name from the contact.
    • The formula with the name works

    =VLOOKUP(CONTACT@row; {test 2 Rango 2}; 3; false)

    • The formula with the email doesn't work

    =VLOOKUP(CONTACT@row; {test 2 Rango 1}; 2; false)

    thanks in advance


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