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I'm wondering if in smartsheet it's possible to create the following automation:

Row: Product name

Column 1: Stage (Drop list: Sourcing, QA)

Column 2: Task (Drop list: RFQ, Negotiation, Test)

Column 3: Start date

Column 4: End Date

If I choose (Stage) Sourcing > (Task) opens only RFQ, Negotiation options; start and end dates are filled manually.

Once I fill in the end date for Negotiation (final task of stage Sourcing), stage cell is automatically updated with QA (next in line), and new dates fields become blank, to be filled manually again.

Operation repeats with QA stage/task drop list.

This means that, per row, I have information related to one product; the only thing that changes is the stage, task and dates.

Once completed, stage, tasks and dates cells move to another "backup" sheet (to be store as track record purposes), "disappearing" from the main sheet, to make it clear and easy to use on a daily basis.

Thank you.

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  • Hey @Ana Filipa Monteiro,

    It is possible to create an Automation Workflow that will perform an action based on specific Cells having existing data (or a formula that returns a value to indicate if all required Cells have been filled). By using the "Move Row" Action, the entire Row can be moved to a different Sheet once the trigger/conditions are met. It is important to note that this will be the entire Row; currently the Move Row Action can not relocate specific Cells. I do recommend referencing our Help Articles below to assist with building your Workflow:

    As an alternative solution, you can utilize our Premium Application: DataMesh which can keep data consistent between two Sheets using a unique identifier. Opposed to the Move Row Action, you may choose which Columns are mapped to the destination Sheet.

    I hope this helps!


  • Ana Filipa Monteiro
    edited 05/06/21

    Hello Jaykel,

    Thank you for yours inputs.

    Question: If I want to maintain a row (1 row = 1 product; ex: row 1 = product A, row 2 = product B), but change automatically the status (example above), how do I do it?


    I start with:

    And then, once I fill in the end date, the task is automatically fill in (the column is in a drop list format):

    And, once I complete this stage, it moves the next stage/task automatically.

    Is it possible to have such automization in Smartsheet?

    Otherwise, I will have a hand full of endless columns Task/Start date/end Date, as many as the tasks I need to monitor, to fill in per row (=product), as the following view:

    This is not efficient to handle with, so I'm looking into ways to make it more efficient to fill in the information, without looking the track record.

    Thank you.


  • Jaykel Torres
    Jaykel Torres Employee
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    Hey @Ana Filipa Monteiro,

    You will want to utilize the IF Function, specifically creating a Nested IF Statement with possibly utilizing the AND Function as well. You may evaluate specific criteria within the Row and if they are met, return a value or perform the next IF Statement (example:

    I do understand that you are using the End Date Column to indicate if a Task has been completed. I recommend creating an additional Column (possibly Checkboxes) to show which Tasks have already been completed instead. You can leverage these Columns with your Formula so it can tell which Task to do next.

    I hope this helps!


  • Hello Jaykel, thanks for your help!

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