How to add a new row along with an attachment using Smart Sheet API



We are trying to a build an integration between an internal tool and smartsheet. As part of this exercise, we will be downloading data from the internal tool and create entries/rows to Smartsheet. Some of these can have attachments. Based on the documentation available, I understand that we can create a row, get the rowId and then use Attachment API to attach files. In our current setup, the smarsheet owners have restrictions. Once a row is created, they won't allow to add/modify any content. So we are looking for way to create a row along with its attachment. Is this feasible? Please let me know





  • Jaykel Torres

    Hey @Sharmila,

    Typically a Row will need to be created before a file can be attached to it. You mentioned that there is a restriction wherein when a Row is created, no modification or additions can be made afterwards; I believe this may be artificial as this can not be done through permissions. If you are building a custom integration, there need not be a functional difference between making it two API calls vs one - it can all be part of one unified process even if it's technically two API calls.

    I hope this helps!