Filter Long-range "Phases" out of Calendars?

Hi all,

I will try and make this question as easy to understand as possible, but it's gotten a bit complicated.....

We have multiple individual sheets that go to a single group calendar. The individual sheets are set up for Gaant view and include long-range "Phases" anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, this works great on the Gaant chart for the individual sheets, but really overburdens the group calendar. Ideally the group calendar will only show the action items from each of the individual sheets, not the Phases

Is there someway for me to filter these long-range phases out of the group calendar?

My solution so far has been to add an additional checkbox column to the individual sheets that allows me to indicate what items are "Phases" and then I can filter out the checked boxes. The issue with this is that I will have to go back and add this additional column to every sheet. With this filter, items from the sheets without the "Phase" column all disappear.

Has anyone come across a more efficient solution for something like this?

Thanks much!


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