Need help in AverageIf formula with 2 condition

Sivakumar C
Sivakumar C ✭✭
edited 05/09/21 in Formulas and Functions

Hi team, 

I need help with an AverageIF formula. I am working on the request tracking system for Import shipment. 

I would like to calculate the average days in transit with 2 conditions, 1. Country (USA, UK, Sweden, etc), 2. Mode of transit (Air mode, Ocean Mode, Courier mode) + Average days in transit. 

Existing AverageIF formula, I can able to get the average days with 1 condition only. 

=AVERAGEIF({Import Shipment Request Intake Range 5}, "Air mode", {Import Shipment Request Intake Range 1})

Can anyone help me to resolve this request? 

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