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Sarah K
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I am trying to get my report to show the parent/child relationship so the owner can easily look at the dashboard and see what tasks are up coming. Currently my report looks like this so it appears all the task below are upcoming when really the highlighted in blue rows are the parent and the white rows are children.

This will make a huge difference in the way the report is viewed. Instead of 15 task approaching deadline it could show that 4 projects and 11 tasks are approaching deadline.

I have also tried on the report the dashboard is pulling from to create a grouping see screenshot and it still isn't showing it on the dashboard correctly.

Please Help!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Sarah K

    The second image you have with the Grouped Report is what I would suggest! It looks like you set up a Helper Column to pull the Parent name and used that to Group by, which is great. You can also include a Summary that COUNTS the rows beneath each grouping if you wanted to display this number. (See: Configure Grouping to Organize Results in Report Builder.)

    When you say that it doesn't appear properly in the Dashboard, do you mean through a Report Widget? If so, try Publishing the Report (see: Share or Publish Your Report) and use this URL as the source for a Web Content Widget instead (Using Web Content Widgets).

    The Grouping and Summary features aren't available through the Report Widget yet, but our Product team is working on it.

    Let me know if Publishing your Report has worked for you!



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