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I'm trying to create an order form. However, when they choose an item # from the drop down and if it's out of stock on my inventory sheet, I want the rest of the form to automatically grey out, or a message should appear. Is this possible?

I started working on an idea, where I created a Dashboard with two forms. The first form is where you select the Item #. You then need to refresh your Dashboard, because there's a report that pulls up on the left of the dashboard that shows if the item you just entered is in stock or not. If it's in stock, you can fill out the second form, (re-enter the item #) and all relevant information. This is not ideal, because if the item is out of stock, or the size/color that they want is out of stock, they can still technically place the order, as the form doesn't block out specific fields based on the inventory sheet.

Any ideas or suggestions? I would love to hear!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Rivky Emert

    No, it's not currently possible for a form to read a sheet or house a formula to provide conditional logic based on a dynamic change like this. (Please let our Product team know about your feedback by filling in this form, here!)

    The idea you have of a Dashboard is an interesting one. What about instead of a second form, having a Sheet embedded in the Dashboard before the order form which simply has two columns: one column with a list of the Items, and another column showing if the item is in stock or not?

    If you have a lot of items you could set up filters on the sheet for your viewers to use and adjust. Then you can be clear in the form to check the sheet above, first.

    If the user happens to choose something that is out of stock, you could send them an automatic Update Request email noting that this item is out of stock and they should choose another. Would that work for you?



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