Obtain values based on 2 criteria in another row

Hi, I hope you guys can help me out,

For the sheet below I would like the Downtime Start Date and Start time to be copied from the "New Job" to the "Follow on Job"


The Job number in the "Follow on" row is the same as the Autonumber of the "New Job" and for the values (Downtime Start date and Start Time) to be put in 2 new columns (not shown)

The formula at the moment is

=INDEX([Downtime Start Date]:[Downtime Start Date], MATCH([Job Number]@row, Autonumber:Autonumber))

But I am not sure if this is quite right as it seems to occasionally just leave the cell blank, I also want it conditional so it only performs this function if the row is marked as a "Follow On" job in the "Is Parent ?" Column

I am not sure this makes sense but I hope it does!

If you need anything clarifying let me know, any and all help appreciated


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