Need help with a =countifs formula

Here is what I'm trying to do. I have two columns. Evidence collected is a checkbox, either 0 or 1. that count function works individually. I have another column with an original document name, if I count that one, by itself, it ignores the blanks and counts fine. When I try to get the two working together with a countifs, it fails. I'm trying to get the count working for only the rows where the evidence collected has been checked and the original document column for the same row is not blank. I've rewritten it multiple ways and can't get it working. This was the most recent try. I tried reversing the formula to evaluate the evidence collected first rather than the original document field, but either way it's not working. I also tried adding <> isblank() and (not(blank()) that didn't work either.

Any advise is welcome. Thanks

=COUNTIFS([Evidence collected?]1:[Evidence collected?]640, 1, [Original Document]1:[Original Document]640)

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