SUMIFS formula for invoiced to date and to be invoiced


I have 3 cells in one row. Each contains a percentage of the total amount of the line to be invoiced. We invoice the first 25% at initial submittal to the client, 50% at the 2nd stage between 30-90 days later, and the final 25% 7-30 days later. I need a formula to add the 3 cells together if the corresponding invoice column is not blank (i.e. the first 25% & 50% are invoiced and the invoice date is filled in but the final 25% is not i need to sum the first two cells. If only the first 25% is invoiced i just need that one cell)

I've tried sumif, sumifs, and sum with individual if formulas but I can't seem to get it to work. any help is appreciated


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