Sum Values from a Reference sheet with multiple criteria to populate a master sheet


I don't give up easy but I am throwing the white flag. I have a master sheet for project records and summarized data. Most of the time is was a one to one reference - Easy Peasy. Not anymore, I now have a 1 to many situation. When a project is created a budget is approved, however we are now allowing the ability to request an increase in the approved budget and there is not limit to the number of increases. I am looking for the correct formula to enter into my master sheet in the column called "Approved Adjustment Value". This cell would need to reference the worksheet that houses all adjustment request for all projects. The matching criteria would be Capital Number must match and the financial transaction must = "Capital Adjustment". When both are met, Sum the dollar value located in the "Value" column. I thought it was a pretty straight forward SUMIFS formula using the reference sheet functionality but I am getting and Argument error. Any advice ?

I should also state that there is a vlookup formula in the master sheet column titled "Capital Number" which is then a criteria for this cell.

Thank you



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