Conditional cell linking?


Is cell linking based on conditions possible? I can't think of any other way to get the data pulled to another sheet that I need. I need a specific value pulled from one sheet to another if 2 conditions are met.

I assumed and IF/AND statement would just pull the value I need, but I get an error. I'm drawing a blank on how else to get that info over to my sheet. Vlookup is not an option as the first column of the source data is not viable as one of the lookups.

=IF(AND({Period} = [Jan 2021]1, {Prop Name} = Area3), {SS Tests}, 0)

Essentially if period = X and Prop Name = Z return the value in SS Test column. Note that there will only ever be one row that meets the criteria. New rows are added monthly so the source sheet and I need this specific cell data copied to another sheet.


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