% Complete with no projected due date

Hi there ~ Looking for some help on the best way to proceed here. It seems duration and predecessors are not applicable for what I am looking to accomplish.

I have a Creation Date, Resolution Date and Days Spent columns along with a % Complete column. I would like to show 100% complete or simply complete when the resolution date is populated. If no resolution date is there a way to calculate the % complete based on days spent? I am thinking it doe snot seem possible.

This sheet is to be utilized to set up a Dashboard view of complete vs open and days spent to completion. These are basically open ticket items by month showing days spent to resolution/completion. The tickets do not have a due date. I could also use an average of days spent per month per ticket.

Help set my mind straight here as to what is possible and how. The tickets are attached to the Smartsheet via JIRA connector.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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