=COUNTIF error

Hi there,

I have some survey results on one sheet that I'm trying to pull into another sheet so I can build charts in a dashboard to display the trend in responses (i.e. how did people respond to question 1, question 2, etc. for each event). The survey includes a drop down to select the event the respondent participated in and then seven statements for them to answer on a five-point scale (Agree to Disagree).

What I'm trying to accomplish is this: I want the sheet to count if [Event column] = "Catalyst Conference & Awards Dinner" AND [Understood Purpose column] = "Agree".

The formula I used is below but it's giving me the error "#INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET":

=COUNTIF({D&I Event Survey Range 1}, "Catalyst Conference & Awards Dinner", {D&I Event Survey Range 2}, "Agree")

I hope the pictures help to show what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks for any help!!

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