Matching data from one column in Project Intake Sheet to another column in Project Metadata

Hi so I am currently redesigning a project tracking system for a company. I downloaded the PMO template set to use to get a foundation but it will not track the data i need it to track. Basically what I need help with is I have multiple columns in the Project intake sheet that will have simple data put in them like dates and titles and i just need that data to copy over into the project metedata sheet and i need the sheet to automatically add data when new info is put in. I have tried cell linking the columns however smartsheet will stop after about 46 rows and i have tried INDEX(MATCH however that does not work at all and i have tried covert to column formula but that does not work because i cannot figure out how to configure it to be a column formula. Really this is just simple copy data from one column on another sheet to a new column.


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