Giving access to Smartsheet outside my organization and blocking to only one IP address or website

Ravi Arora
edited 05/25/21 in API & Developers

Hi All,

I am trying to integrate my smartsheet with an web based API. That web based PAI will submit a form with basic details and after submit new row will be added to my Smartsheet.

We are configuring Smartsheet with security token in API. I want to make sure that Smartsheet will be restricted to that API IP address or website where API is built and no one else will be able to read data from smart sheet.


I have not given access to any individual on Smartsheet and there is only API which is using that Smartsheet to integrate.

Also where we can configure, if someone will try to access that Smartsheet then we should get alert email on my ID as I am owner of this Smartsheet.


Ravi Arora