🚨 New Community Category Alert: Product Announcements

05/24/21 Edited 05/24/21

Hey Smartsheet Community,

Our Community Team is excited to announce the release of our highly anticipated Product Announcements Category!

This category includes all things new to the Smartsheet Product... which is a lot as of recently. So keep a close 👁️ out!

From feature releases, enhancements to existing offerings, integrations, brand new out-of-the-box launches, and so much more.

Please also be aware of our recent changes to the Announcements category, the title of this category has been slightly altered to General Announcements. This category will be more aligned on Community specific announcements for basic navigation of the Community forum, best practices on posting, how to earn badges, and a variety of frequently asked questions.

Have any questions? Please feel free to comment below within this discussion and our Community Team will be happy to assist you!


Smartsheet Community Team


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