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Hello all,

I created a requisition form with collumns to allocate products to 3 different locations and 7 departments inside of 1 of those 3 locations. Each location and department has a corresponding code. Our main location, "EHT" is 1-7 and the other two locations are 8 & 9.

The formula I'm using to allocate products by departments works because all of the codes are seperated until you get to 8 and 9.

=SUMIF($DC2:$DC22, (@cell) >= 8, $[Ext. Total]2:$[Ext. Total]22)

My issue is when allocating by location, including departments 1-7 as one location.

=SUMIF($DC2:$DC22, (@cell) > 1 < 8, $[Ext. Total]2:$[Ext. Total]22)

If I just do less than 8 then it includes items with no department code in EHT total sum. If an item has no code then I need it to be left out.

I hope this makes sense. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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