Sumif function?


I am trying to figure out which equation to use. I would like to Sumif from one sheet (Sheet A) to another sheet (Sheet B) as a column formula.

example story

I have a column for “strain name” and “batch number”. Each batch # will consist of one strain, but there will be multiple buyers per batch. Each batch can have multiple customers buying plants from the batch.


Batch A has 1000 clones.

  • client 1 buys 100 clones
  • client 2 buys 500 clones
  • client 3 buys 200 clines
  • therefore, there are 200 clones left in batch A (this is the number I am looking for)

the source sheet will contain multiple strains with multiple batch numbers. I need to know how many clones are left after each client buys their batch (live plant inventory).

I am looking for a sumif function that will add all of the clone purchases from a given batch number and place it in the cell of another sheet that tracks batches I need one number as there is only one line item in the receiving sheet, which is a “total sold from that batch” column.

the number of clones purchased will be tracked in sheet A and the number of clones remaining will appear in sheet B as a column formula.

hope that makes sense.

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