Is it possible to create a conditional rollup for $'s OR display the max value for %'s?

I am working on a smartsheet tracker that can track the cost savings of specific projects on a month to month basis, then rolls up the total YTD savings. There is also an option for the users to enter their project progress as a percentage, in which case I would want the YTD column to display the maximum % from the year (assuming that they entered cumulatively). I have tried a few different formulas to attempt this, but no luck. The formula will need to be a column formula, since I will not know whether the project will be entered into the template as $ or %.

The month to month tracking is done across a single row (January to December), if $ are present, I would like the cells to be totalled SUM([JAN-21:DEC-21]). If % are present, I would like MAX(JAN-21:DEC-21) to be displayed. My question is what would be the best method to mix the two into one formula?

=IF([JAN-21]32:[DEC-21]32 CONTAINS("$", [JAN-21]32:[DEC-21]32), SUM([JAN-21]32:[DEC-21]32), MAX([JAN-21]32:[DEC-21]32) ....

resulted in UNPARSEABLE


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